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DESCRIPTON PERSON 1Parag (name of him, time you met her) has been my friend for 7 years, i first met him was in. He is 19 and is studing.. 2Parag: Physically, Jon is a teenager who looks younger than most other teenagers with his same age. He is of averge height, neither fat nor thin. Her plump round face is framed by a mass of wavy white hair and her sparkling blue eyes show his humour and friendliness and a large nose. He prefers wearing casual, confortable clothes. I don`t think i have ever seen hein a perfectly ironed suit. Talking about his qualities I can say that he tends to be rather arrogant with unknown people, nonetheless he is kind-hearted as well as humble and very generous and with his friends he is kind and affectionate.

DESCRIPTION PLACE In October 2012, I went to Chicago, also known as the windy city. It’s in the east of the United States and it’s the biggest city in Illinois, where three million people live. --The center of Chicago offers a lot of amazing skyscrapers, one, that is very well known, is the Willis Tower because is the tallest building. In this part of Chicago you can also see ancient museums, like the museum of contemporany art or the museum of history, a lot of parks like the remarkable Millenium park where there is the fascinating monument called “the bean” because it looks like a big bean. A popular tourist attraction is riding a boat by the Chicago river, it’s amazing because the views are beautiful and you can see the sky line. In Chicago there are a lot of malls where you can go shopping or eat something. --Chicago is a very clean city, with not too much pollution, because most of the citizens go to work by train, because it’s very cheap and fast. A lot of people choose the bycicle to move around because it doesn’t pollute and you can enjoy the views. --I like Chicago, I think it’s the best place in the United States to visit because there are a lot of trendy and amazing buildings like in New York but it isn’t as polluted and crowded as New York.

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