Mass of creditors

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Current Ratio: Current assets / current liabilities

The company Can cover % of its short-term debt with current assets <1 cannot cover all Of its debt…>1 can

Acid Test: Cash / current liabilities

With the Available the company can pay % of its debt with its cash. <03 No capacity Immediate pay 03-04 opt. >04 capacity

Acid Test 2 Ratio (Quick Ratio): Cash + Commercial Debtors / Current liabilities

The company Can pay % of its short-term debts with its “realizable assets” <1 cannot pay All of the debt ---> 1 can

Solvency Ratio (guarantee): Total Assets / Total Liabilities

The company Can pay % of it’s debt with the company’s asets. >1 the company can cover All of its debs. <1 can’t

Covergae Ratio: Net Equity + Non-current liabilities / Non-current Assets

The company Can finance % of its long-term investments with permanent resources

>1 the Company can finance all of it’s long-term investments with permanent resources.

Total Debt Ratio: Total Liabilities / Total Assets

The company Has a % of total debt.

<04 small Amount of debt, 04-06 opt. >06 a lot of debt. Negative for the company

Debt Equity Ratio: Net Equity / Total Liabilities

>05 Compnay has very little debt. Creditors can’t interfere in the decisions of the Company.

Short term debt Ratio: Current liability / Total Liabilites

The company Has % of short-term debt.

The company Can pay up to % of its debt during the current year.

Debt capacity: EBITDA / Total average liabilities

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