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Present simple: am is are + tecera column. Past simple was o were + 3 column. Future: will be + 3 columna o am is are going to be + tercera columna. Vocabulario: adaptable- adaptable, altenative- alternative, chemical- quimico, computer generated- creado por ordenadores, electronic- electronica, energy saving- ahorrar energia, high tech- electronica alcanzada, innovative- innovacion, mechanical- mecanico, solar powered- enegia solar, sustainable- sostenible, wireless- inalambrico. Vocabulario 2: process- procesar, absorb- absorver, crash-romper, transports- transporter, boosting-impulsando, release-lanzamiento, rest-descanso, repair-reparar, burn- quemar, perform- realizer. Ejercicios ficha: ejercicio uno 1- city council says swimming isn’t allowed in local pool. 2- two thieves were caught by police last night 3- three day meeting be held by world’s top scientists 4- alternative ehergy conference was visited by prince Charles yesterday 5- new schools will be opened next year. Ejercicio dos: 1- will try 2- are kalled 3- helps 4- will be closed 5- was bought 6- will your car be fixed 7- organized. Ejercicio 2: absorb, crash, perform, process, release, repair, boost, transport. Ejercicio 1: adaptable, wireless, sustainable, solar powerd, alternative, energy saving.

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