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invasion of the ussr:when Hitler had continental europe under control,his forces invaded the ussr a key strategic was to assit Nazi war effort by controlling production of grain and oil.But finally this plan didnt work

war in the pacific:japan occupied parts of china even before the a outbreak of World War 2 japan  invaded parts of south east.Japan attacked american military base 0of peare harbour

nazi order:this new order was based on a master race called the aryans opponens and jews were held in concentration camps and estermination camps.

Crimes against humanity: those especially heinous and inhuman crimes,which are part of a generalized of systematic attacks against a civilian population committed to implement the policies of a State or an organization 

Wannsee conference: it was the meeting of a group of civil policromó and military representatives of the goverment of Nazi germany on the solucion final de la cuestión judía 

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