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Chapter 2

9.Please define matter. Please draw a Simple diagram of an atom and explain the different subatomic particles. Overproduction and competition for resources

Matter is anything that occupies spaces, consists of elements and Compounds.


10.Please explain what is occurring in A chemical reaction. What are the names of the starting materials and end Materials involved in any chemical reaction?

Chemical Reaction is rearranging matter by breaking Existing bond in reactants and forming new ones in products.

reactants (start material)

products (end material)

11.Please list and explain the 3 Main types of chemical bonds.

1.Ionic: transfer of electronfrom one atom to another

2.Covenant: electrons are shared between two atoms , holds atoms Together

3.Hydrogen bond: partial sharing of hydrogen to create a weak bond

12.Please list and explain the 4 Life-supporting properties of water. Fully explain what causes these Properties.

1.cohesion-sticks together

2.Temperature Regulation- absorb heat in warm Environment and release it in cold environment

3.Ice Floats -because it is less dense than liquid


13.Please list the 4 life-supporting Properties of water. Explain the biological significance of each of these Properties.

1.Cohesion- can be transported in tree trunks

2.Temperature Regulation- Water moderates Temperature

3.Ice Floats -- protect creatures Under water

4.Solvent- dissolve other Substances

Elements in human body




Isotopes Are elements that have same number of proton and electron but different number Of neutron

Atom mass= #of protons + # of neutrons

Beryllium's Atomic mass is 9, and its atomic number is 4. How many neutrons are found in a Beryllium atom?

9= 4+ Neutrons

Neutron = 9-4=5

Buffers: substances that resist changes in PH

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