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Vaccination: it consists of administering dead or inactive Microbes to a healthy person so that he is able to produce the specific Antibodies against that microbe. Then, if the pathogens try again, the body is Able to prevent the disease because the antibodies “remember” it. This method Has saved many live preventing infectious diseases.

Serum Therapy: this treatment administers antibodies against A specific microbe to an infected organism. The antibodies are produced by Another person or animal that has had the same disease. These antibodies called Serums are identical to those produced by our body itself. The immunity Acquired only lasts a short period of time and carries the risk of transmitting Other diseases that the individuals that produced the antibodies had

Chemotherapy: is based on the administration of chemical Substances that act against microbes. It can be microbicidal, if the objective Is to destroy them or microbiostatic if the objective is to stop their Reproduction. The most important are antibiotics: they are antibacterial Substances produced in a natural way by other microorganisms. However, many of The antibiotics that we use are semi-synthetic which means they have been Modified through chemical processes

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