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-Europe network of nation states. Map redrawn and bad governments abolished.Unity instead of king. Nation+People.
-Formed Young Europe: Collaboration polish+italian. Included YOUNG Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In 1834 Y.E. First democratic E. Organisation.
-Wanted everyone to cooperate.
-Masses asking for participation: Democracy government freely consented by all.Rejected communist ideas. Wants to remove democracy and let people decide who has the authority.
-Main battle-Political independence of Nations.
-Young Europe: Liberty, Equality, Humanity.
-8 points:
Young(Germany, Poland and Italy) under one empire with common belief and must unite.
Sign a declaration of principles and define the beliefs and general direction.
Free to decide independently upon internal issues.
League of offence,defence and solidarity between nations.
Reunion on national congregations will build the Congregation of Young Europe.
Associators are brothers.
Common symbol and motto
Any nation that wants can take part by signing the Act.(European nations should unite, everyone is needed).

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