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Adroit(Adj) : Cleverly skillful; resourceful; dexterous.

Allay(V) : To lesson; to relieve; to calm.

Blazon(v) 1)To proclaim; To display publicly 2) Coat of arms; banner. 3) A catalog of a woman's admirable physical features in Elizabeth Poetry.  

Bravado(n) : To show false bravery or confidence.

Choleric(Adj): Having a quick temper or irritable.

Colloquy(n): A conversation or conference.

Despot(n):Absolute ruler; one in charge who acts like a tyrant. 

Dirge(n):A funeral hymn; a poetical or muscial expression of grief.

Expatriate(n):To withdraw or be banished from one’s native land.

Feign(v): To pretend or make up.

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