Means of communication in Nile river

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Mesopotamia                        Egypt

Territory: Between the tirgris and         Along the river Nile,in 
              Euphrates rivers.                     North-east africa.
Main        Sumer, Akkadian empire,     Old kingdom,middle 
stages in  babylonian empire,              Kingdom,New kingdom.
history     Assyrian empire,Neo-
                babylonian empire.
Political     King led the army,made       Pharaon had absolute
Organi-     laws,and was also a            power goberned the
sation       religious leader.                  Country,decreed laws,
                                                            owned much of the land
                                                            and led the army.
Society     King,aristocrazy,priests       Pharaon and his family,civil
                scribes,merchants,               servants,noblement,priests,
                craftsmen,peasant,slaves.    Scribes,soldiers,peasants,
religion   They were polytheistic they  They were polytheistic they
and         believed in many gods         believed in many gods. Ra
beliefs     Anu was the god of heaven was the god of sun,other 
              Enlil was the god of wind,      important were isis,osiris
              Ishtar was the goddes of       and Orus.
              war and love.
Art         Architecture: Palaces like       Temples such as karnak,
             Dur-Sharrukin,they                 sphinxes,painting in the 
             invented arch and vault.         Tumbs and sarcophages.
             Mulbricks and stone were      They built Pyramids.
          used for construction.
          Sculpture:statues of kings,
             gods and animals.

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