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We define after-sales service as a set of mechanisms ad tasks that the organization uses after the sale is done to obtain total customer satisfaction so that the customer repeats the sale, recommends our Brand or product, and so on. 
ADVANTAGES: It provides greater customer satisfaction. It Improves the image of the Company and is products or services. It improves direct knowledge of the market. It involves potential customer loyalty. It implies a likely increase in sales. 
DISADVANTAGES: It involves certain costs. It needs to be controlled. It causes a posible increase in the number of claims. It implies greater demands for service and quality. It causes more staffing needs.
TYPES OF AFTER-SALES SERVICE : Promotional, Psychological, Security and Maintenance.
TYPES OF TECHNICAL SERVICES FOR THE PRODUCTS : Installation, Maintenance and Repairs.
TYPES OF SERVICE PROVIDED TO CUSTOMERS : Training for use. Handling of complaints and claims.
Satisfaction is a subjective measure that depends on the total value that the consumer has assigned to the product or service and on the perception of the extent to which the product or service fulfils this value.
TOTAL VALUE IS FORMED BY THREE FACTORS : Purchase value, Usage value and Final value.

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