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he classroom space is used properly. Everything is Very well positioned and all areas are very well used. The classroom is Organized by corners. It is the library corner, the house corner, the building Corner, the computer corner, the puzzles corner, the artistic corner, the library Corner and English corner. Children are responsible for these corners are Ordered, and to play in each of the corners properly and respecting rules. When children have finished playing, they collected and appropriately managed all Elements of the corner into place. The teacher controls the class when she tells the Children to look at a picture or an object that he has. She also speaks softly And she tells them she are going to tell them a secret and then the children Also lower their voices and pay attention, or rapidly changing activity for Children to do something else. I have observed many discipline problems. In Class there is a very troublesome child. Their parents have not set limits and Rules at home and he does not obey the teacher because every time something is Denied the child throws a tantrum. Then I will Refer to classes in English. The teacher does not always speak in English, she Speaks English just at set times. One hour a week in motor skills, one hour Every day for the assembly and another hour for artistic expression. When she Speaks in English, the teacher makes sure that children understand it and she Speaks to an appropriate level for them and deliberately.The mother tongue most of the time is used or almost Entirely. Since to explain more complicated activities it’s necessary children Understand the instructions correctly so that they doesn’t make a mistake and Learn. The teacher allows children to communicate in their native language most Of the time, but when the teacher is speaking English, children cannot speak Their mother tongue.Nonverbal communication helps a lot to understanding The message from the children if they do not understand the message in English. Teacher vocalizes a lot and speaking very loudly and slowly to make it easier For children to understand what she wants to convey in English. .To check that children understand what the teacher Said in English, she interacts with them and asked in English if they have Understood the message and they have to respond loud and clear and with Encouragement. Students have a great motivation for English and you can check That they understand perfectly what the teacher says and they answer adequately To interact with the teacher and appreciate that they can speak English.

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