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DEFINITION OF MONEY: is anything that functions as a médium of Exchange, store of value, or standard value.
      PORTABILITY: refers to the ease with which money can be carried from place to place.  DURABILITY: when you forget to remove it from your pocket before doing the laundry, it                             will probably not end up breaking.
   DIVISIBILITY: your money can be broken into smaller units and end up finding its way                                between the cushions of your couch.
 STABILITY: exists when money`s value does not vary too much.
     ACCEPTABILITY: people agree that the money represents what it is supposed to                                              represent and are willing to exchanges godos and services.
COMMODITY MONEY:  when scarce minerals, metals, or agricultural products are used as a mean of Exchange. Gold and silver struck into coins are examples. It can be use for purposes other tan money.
REPRESENTIVE MONEY-COINS AND BANKNOTES: developed as an alternative to commodity money. One of the properties is its high density. Transactions requiring large amounts of gold would have been unpleasant due to it being extremely heavy and difficult to transport.  Goldsmith offered a solution to this problem. By ussuing receipts for gold they had on deposit, representative paper money was born.
INCONVERTIBLE FIAT MONEY:  refers to both paper and virual money that is intrinsically insignificiant and is not exchangeable or backed by some real commodity. It is money because the gouvernement says so and we are willing to accept it.
MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE: when it is being used for buying and selling goods and services or to pay of dets.
STORE VALUE: as you get money todayand you are still able to use it in the future.
STANDART OF VALUE: when you are using it to measure how much a good or service is worth.

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