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SOAP- Subjective:This section usually includes the patient’s chief complaint, or reason why they came to the physician.

objective:Documents objective, repeatable, and traceable facts about the patient’s status.

assessment:The Physician’s medical diagnoses for the medical visit on the given date of a note written.

plan:This describes what the health care provider will do to treat the patient – ordering labs, referrals, procedures performed, medications prescribed, etc.

attending physicians:is the individual who has final responsibility,legal and otherwise, for patient healthcare.

office visit: used in springcharts to designate the gui 

metric units: system of weights and measures,based on the metric system.

imperial units:system of weights and measure conforms to the standards
legally established in great britain.

primary insurance: long term healthcare can be expensive, individuals and families have the option to purchase health insurance that covers a portion of the incurred medical expenses.

secondary insurance: pays for some of the patients medical expenses.

end to end solution: software industry term suggests that the vendor of an application program can provide all the hardware and software.

user preferences: are choices a user makes in software programs to preset elements.

graphical user interface: GUI is a software program screen that can display icons, subwindows, and text fields.

routing slip: charge ticket or super bill contains the healthcare codes, description, and charges relevant to a patients visit.

SOAP- note is a convenient format for healthcare providers to document a patients healthcare evaluation.

review of systems: is a structured technique used by providers to gather healthcare history covering the organ system from a patient.

what are 2 places where patients facesheet can be edited?

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