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Did you know that this summer we will only be able to stay on the beach for two or three hours to reduce the chances of contagion from Covid-19? That's right, this news has been announced today.

The main advantage of this is that perhaps in this way we will finally reduce infections, we have been living with the virus for a year, this measure, despite not being very strict, will help us move forward and avoid crowds on the beaches. Another argument in favor is that there will be fewer people who want to go to the beach due to the short time they can stay, it would cost them more to park and find a place.

One of the disadvantages of this measure is that both parents and children on hot summer days will not know what to do after the hours allowed on the beaches, besides, the little ones will not understand why they spend so little time on the beach unlike other years. On the other hand, going to the beach was one of the few things we could do in summer and now little by little they are also taking away that possibility.

In conclusion, the covid-19 is taking away our freedom and changing our plans but we have to adapt to be able to return to normality

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