The best way to measure motivation

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This essay attempts to comment on the phrase: “You cannot measure success by money”. I think that depends about the context.

If we talk about success in your personal life, I disagree because people can do projects or charitable works and you can be successful by achieving your goals and not have money and be happy. For example, I’m a Student who passed all my courses and I finished the university career and for me, I succeded in my academic life, but If we talk about business life, the success is measured by the money earned or Its market value. Google one of the mpst valuable companies in the world. They have a lot services like google search, google play, drive, google adsense etc. This enterprise has a lot information about us and in this world, information is very valuable.

In conclusion, I can see both sides of the argument and it all depends on what kind of success we are talking about.

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