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  1. Miguel Primo de Rivera’S DICTATORSHIP:

In 1923 during the reign of Alfonso XIII there was another “pronunciamiento” and with the consent of the king started the dictatorship of Miguel Primo the Rivera. This measure was implanted in order to end with the instability that was palpable throughout the country. It was supposed to be a temporary measure but Primo de Rivera ended up staying longer than what was accorded.

 At the beginning Primo was well accepted but due to the prolongation of his dictatorship and its inefficiency (he did not calm and bring stability to Spain) he began to be unpopular. His dictatorship started in 1923 and ended in 1930 and it is divided in 2 different phases:

  • Military Directory (1923-25) 
  • Civil Directory(1925-30)

During his dictatorship he made some great accomplishments such as the defeat of the Moroccan rebel Abd-el-Krim, that led to think that the North Africa bloodletting and recriminations were over. 

He also made a lot of public work that reduced unemployment; the construction of infrastructure and hydroelectric plans and also a huge increase in foreign trade was reached. 

By the end of the dictatorship he lost the support of the king and the army, which led to his resignation in 1930.

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