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1 Medea was a sorceress Aeetes daughter, king of Colchis, and Eidyia. She was also niece of Circe, the great magician, who inherited everything on his magic.
Medea's story is closely related to that of Jason. He begins his journey with the Argonauts to fetch the Golden Vellocinio, who was in the Colchis. The father of Jason, Aeson, who was the king of Iolcus in Thessaly, is deposed by his brother Pelias, who then tries to prevent Jason reclaim the throne. With the hope that it perish in the issue, persuades him to undertake the perilous quest of Vellocinio. Jason brings together more than fifty young nobles of Greece to accompany him on the voyage of the Argo.
When the ship reached Colchis, King says Aeetes Vellocinio not deliver unless the Jason's passing a series of tests too hard. Medea, a victim of the action of Eros and Aphrodite, falls in love with Jason and helps you meet these tests and take the Vellocinio in exchange for the hero to marry her and take with him, thus betraying his family and his homeland .
Medea and Jason, along with the rest of the Argonauts, set sail, pursued by colquidenses, among which is the father of Medea. To escape persecution, it Apsirto kills his brother and his remains scattered at sea, so, so, Aeetes waste time.
Also note that Medea, fearing to be delivered by the Greeks to stop the persecution, a trap for his brother Jason kills him.

Iolcus Upon arrival, they discover that Pelias is responsible for the death of the parents of Jason and again he asks for revenge Medea helps. She, in obedience to her lover, persuades the daughters of Pelias that is able to rejuvenate people. These ask you to rejuvenate his father that is already at an advanced age. Medea shows them how to do slaughtering a sheep and bringing their pieces to a boil. Presently a young lamb jumps off the hot water boiler. Convinced the girls, repeat the experiment with his father, but lacking the magic of Medea, can not get resurrected, thus achieving its goal maga.
Jason and Medea to leave Corinth and then there are two children. But all the happiness ends when Jason refuses to marry Medea Glauce (or Creusa), daughter of the Corinthian king, Creon, by his will. Then the king orders the exile of Medea. This, ensuring that the host King Aegeus in his country, calling for a day's stay in Corinth, I hope that is awarded. On that day, killing Glauce, sending him a poisoned dress. When it puts it, believing a wedding gift and symbol of reconciliation, is involved in a blazing fire that also ends the life of his father while trying to rescue. Then, fearing a reprimand taken against them, Medea kills her children and fled in a chariot of fire that gives the god Helios. Jason's wife is left without becoming unhappy and childless and Medea finally commits suicide.

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