Medieval music monodic texture

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characteristics of this music: The texture is homophonic: a main melody with harmonic accompaniment . The abandonment of counterpoint and figured bass. The organ, the harpschord, the viol, the lute and the recorder fell into disuse. The simplification of harmoniy and a search for formal balance. Musical structure became more important. Chamber music was played in the chambers or salons in the palaces. It was played by court musicians, and the aristocrats themselves sometimes played a part. The string quartet was one of the most promiment ensembles. It consisted of two violins, viola and cello. An important ensemble was the orchestra, with up to thrity instruments divided into sections. The sonata, the symphony and the concerto were the main intrumental forms. The sonata is a composition for one or two instruments. It is written in three or four movements with different tempo, structure and character. A symphony is a composition for orchestra in which the first movement is in sonata form. The clasical concerto maintains the same structure as the clasical sonata. IT is structures in three movement: the first one follows the sonata form, the second one is a slow movement and the third one is often a rondon

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