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Section 5: relief valves

Relief valve: used for pipes with non-compressible fluid such as water and oil.

Types of relief valves:

Common relief valve: the valve head is lifted automatically. They can be:

Spring direct: the load is applied directly to the head of the valve by a compression spring

Direct counterweight: the load is applied directly to the valve head by a weight

Total elevation: the valve head is automatically lifted a leg, when the head of the valve is fully raised, a download area around the edge of the valve seat

A pile driven: it has the quality of all orifice ensures maximum discharge capacity with the additional relay, which operates on the relief valve

Section 6: valves

Shutoff valve, switching device, which has a cap of two parallel sides of a rope or ball

Models valves:

Opening round: round diameter passages every hole in both the body and the cap

Regular: channels and solid seating areas, rectangular or similar

Venturi: channels and small seating areas, rectangular, round or similar and a hole that is close to the venturi

Short: channels or passages and seats, rectangular or similar, with restricted dimensions from side to side

Lubricated valve closure: contains design features that allows the injection of lubricant between the rod and closing the body seat

The most common are:

Lifting: provides mechanical means to lift the seat stem of the body

Divided: the stem is divided

Spherical: closure is spherical in shape, circular channels have seats that rotate between concave circular cutting

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