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•Quantitative approach - the use of quantitative techniques to improve decision making
•It evolved from mathematical and statistical solutions developed for military problems during WW II. - (linear programming, Gantt chart)
Quality Management
1. Intense focus on the customer. The customer includes outsiders who buy the org's products/ services & internal customers who interact with & serve others in the org. 
2. Concern for continual Improvement. Quality mgt is a commitment to never being satisfied. ''Very good''is not good enough. Quality can always be improved. 
3. Process focused. Quality mgt focuses on work processes as the quality of goods & services is continually improved. 
4. Improvement in the quality of everything the org does. This relates to the final product, how the org handles deliveries, how rapidly it responds to complaints, how politely the phones are answered, & the like. 
5. Accurate measurement. Quality mgt uses statistical techniques to measure every critical variable in the org's operations. These are compared against standards to identify problems, trace them to their roots,& eliminate their causes. 
6. Empowerment of employees. Quality mgt involves the ppl on the line in the improvement process. Teams are widely used in quality mgt programs as empowerment vehicles for finding& solving problems. 

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