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Hold on ---- Espere

Put (a call) through ---- llevar a cabo

Get through ------ pasar

Hang up ----- colgar

Call up ----- llamar

Hang on---- aferrarse

Call back --- llamar de vuelta

Pick up ---- recoger

Get off (the pone) ----- bajar

Get back to (someone) ---- volver con alguien

Cut off------cortar

Switch off/turn off ----- apagar

speak up----- hablar alto

Presenting a graph




This graph shows ...

the results of our products ...

over 10 years.

The diagram outlines ...

rates of economic growth ...

between 1990 and 1996.

This table lists ...

the top ten agencies ...

in the industrial world.

This pie chart represents

the company's turnover ...

for this year in our sector.

This line chart depicts ...

the changes in sales ...

over the past year.

This chart breaks down (ventile) ...

the sales of each salesman ...

during the past ten weeks.

The four basic trends (tendances) Are :

·upward movement : ì

·downward movement : î

·no movement : è

·change in direction : 

Indicating no movement : è





(to) keep ... Stable

(to) remain stable

(to) hold ... Constant

(to) stay constant

(to) stabilize

(to) stabilize


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