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Gondolas criteria for use:
Size of streets and alleyways. Usually counter-clockwise
The corners are places where "cold"
The result is the commercial rollout
Is limited to 3 parameters:
1.Adecuarse to the imperatives of sales area
2. Customer circulate the maximum section
3. Reducing the time span of the client presence. We want the customer to buy and time losses are minimal. Rotation of clients in the establishment.
Where are we going to put the entry, exit, that sort of gondola, gondolas length etc. ...?
Tickets to the right
The warehouse will be in the background
Streets entrate = broad
Major streets
Secondary Streets
The hardware should be able to absorb the maximum amount of cars with Maximum Client (Saturday at 19h)
The sections of claim must go to the bottom
Clothing, DIY, electricity is going right means more.
In the area of housing are the products of impulse buying
4 large deployment rules in large stores
1. Put in the areas of impulse buying on the main axes of establecimiento.2) Place the articles claim to hook on the front line, giving them a very visual.3 site) approximate the complementary product families ex: Wine and appetizers. Shirt and tie. 4) Carefully take the step from one section to another.
3 elements for small areas (sales space = space of communication)
1. Window: The window should play only an issue for 1 week
2. Space for customers and goods: No restincciones for the customer to pick up and look at the products
3. Location of the box: the box should not be near the front door, the box has the task of monitoring.
FRONT / / Faling
Space occupied by a product, as seen by the client, on the shelf no matter what this stack. Not all products are on the shelf
Linear on the floor length on the floor of presentation furniture
Linear developed: Takes into account the levels of presentation
Capacity Front: No. Of units in volume compared with the related EU
The linear elasticity:

Comment graphics
There comes a time we will not sell more wholesale than the linear. Below the minimum the vendor will not serve the good.
The maximum threshold is at saturation
We are interested in moving between the threshold and threshold max min

Gross profit product> Gross profit family
--------------------------------- ----------------- -------------- solution: give a little balance + of linear
Developed linear linear product family developed
<Solution: Do not have a place in the linear
Double location: exposing the same product in more d eun site Example: filter coffee
Types of dual-site:
New Products: Augmented perception and pulled the product
Seasonal Products: Bathing suit, gloves in winter.
Products of the same family / related: they can be classified into two families eg / / salted crackers. Cookies and desserts ... Multiply the chances of sale
Imaging Products High-end price effect or exclusivity
Highly profitable products: moisturizer razor
Replacement Products
- Horizontal or vertical method
- Choice of levels in the linear
- Specific cases
7 reasons for which the family will be vertical
1) the movement of the natual cabeza.2) Sense of movement
3 .. 4) Balancing profitability between familias5) improve the linear legilibidad (reading) .6). Pace. Augmentar to changing levels of estantes.7) highlighted.
N feet: Art heavy bulky, large, art read vertically
No hands under: bow. Amazing, do not need impulsivity in shopping, actively look. Complementary rounded prow other purchases. P and accessories are difficult to place
No Eye: value good / very good. Prod spontaneous demand high
N hat questionable value
2 groups: 1. Prod With striking packaging .2. Prod safety stock In Stock
- Gondola Header
1. Presentation "mass of a single product
2. The price must be bid. Q The price has to be cheaper so he has to sell enough more (condition)
3. It's a place that rents to the supplier.
4. There are customers who buy only at the top of gondola
5.Hay that rotate every 10 to 15 days

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