Mesetiformes plateau

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-neighbors: Lebanon,syria,jordan,Golan Heights,West Bank;Gaza Strip are in Southwest Asia

-west Bank and gaza strip:the palestinian territory.They lie near coast of Mediterraniann where Asia and Africa meet .This region is a continental crossroad that also borders turkey where Asia and Europe.
-Four geographic zones makeup this region.West edge a narrow coastal plain grows along the Mediterranian city.East this plain is chain of hills and mountains.Further east is the The great African rift Valleys a chain of valleys that runs from Africa throught the Red Sea into Israel and its neighbors.Above this valleys to the east is a vast desert plateau.THe Syrian Desert.Following one of the Rift Valleys is the Jordan River,its waters flows from Syria and Lbane into fresh water Sea of GAlile.Then flowss south from ths bije to the Dead Sea.

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