Mester of Clergy

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Mester de CLERECÍA

Birth of a stream of poetry called cultured mester of clergy, composed of clerics and intellectuals. His work had a moral and didactic intent.


- Use of the frame track, were recited, not read, use of Latin and Vulgar Latin, to reach more people.


-Anonymous works written in rib st = Libro de Alexandre, Libro de Apolonio, Poema de Fernán González.

-Anonymous works arranged in couplets = Life of St. Mary of Egypt, Dispute of the soul and body.

Gonzalo de Berceo

Born in Berceo, was the most important writer of the mester ce clergy of the thirteenth century and the first romance poet known name.

- Work = religious affairs and educational purposes. / Lives of Saints = Vida de Santo Domingo de Silos / doctrinal Works = The sacrifice of the Mass. / Marian = Works Miracles

- Style = Simple and popular, submission to the written sources and a tendency to fictionalize.

- Miracles of Our Lady = Introduction, fall into sin / 25 miracles, miracles and wonders of the Virgin.


In his only known named John Ruiz and was archpriest of Hita. The Book of Good Love is the most important mester of clergy of the sixteenth century and has as its central theme the love of God or worldly love. It has over 7000 verses.

- Structure = begins with a prologue where he warns about the dangers of love. / Library exiemplos, satire, adapting the Ars Amandi, lyric poems, Relago allegorical, didactic treatises, recreation Pamphilus de Amore.

- Style = Cuaderna track, conjoined sentences, repetition of spoken language, jargon, Arabic, Catalan, archaisms and cultism, substantive connotative values.

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