Non metal mineral materials

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earth's crust:hard outher surface of--rust:a reddish-brown material that...

wedges:objects with a triangular...--temper:an addictive that increases the
crush: press or break into small..--flux:an addictive that reduces the melting
breakwaters:walls built from the...
metamorphic:rock transformed by...
igneous:rock formed from magma...
exothermic:producing heat

stone blocks:quarrying, processing:cutting, shaping,polishing.Aggregates:
cleaning,crushing,sorting.Aggregates that come from rivers are called river
rock.Crushed rock has irregular edges that provide more friction. Natural stone: limestone,marble,granite,slate,tuff.Stone binders:in construction plaster lime and cement are used as binders to hold other materials together. Plaster,lime,cement,mortars:hydraulic and non-hydraulic morters. Atificial stone:can be manufactured with binders and various materials, such as fibre,gravel and sand. Concrete:is a mixture of gravel,sand water and cement that sets to form a rock-like material. Fibre cemet,Hempcrete bricks, terrazzo.Coarse ceramics: types:terracota-is made with ordinary clay that is usually a matte red colour.It is hard,rough and fragile.Earthenware: is made from a mixture of white clay,silica and feldspar. It is fine and smooth as well as hard. Refractory ceramics: are made with baked clay and metal oxides. They can resist temperatures up to 3000C
fine ceramics:types:stoneware-whichis made from refractory clay, has a glass-like appearance.It is very compactable and hard enought to scratch glass. Porcelain: is made with a special white clay called kaolin.It is transparent, translucent compact acid-resistant and hard enought to scratch glass. Glass forming techniques: automatic blow moulding-bottles,jars,bulbs,glasses. Glass casting-ashtrays, containers,bottles,glass bricks for construction. Strectching-plate glass between 2mm and 3mm thick to make windows,windscreens and mirrors. Floating: plate glass between 3mm and 18mm rhick. Calendering and lamination-safety glass. (laminated glass)

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