Metals and producing countries

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1. List the major aluminum producers
Jamaica, Venezuela, Surinam, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, India, Guinea and Australia
2. Lists the main producers of zinc
Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Kazakhstan, China, India and Australia
3. List the major copper producers
CNAD, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Zambia, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Indonesia and Australia
4. List the major producers of chromium
Brazil, Finland, Zimbabwe, Republic of South Africa, Turkey, Kazakhstan and India
5. List the major producers of tin
Vietnam, China, Russia, Niger, Bolivia, Peru and Indonesia
6. List the major producers of iron
Australia, India, China, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, South Africa, Frasil, USA and Canada
7. List the major producers of nickel
Australia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, China, South Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, Russia and Colombia
8. Lists the main producers of lead
Australia, Chile, Serbia, Poland, Peru, Mexico, USA and Canada
9. List the major gold producers
Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Peru, USA and Canada
10. Indicates which country is the largest producer of each of these metals
Gold and chromium: South Africa
Copper: Chile
Bauxite: Australia
Nickel: Russia
Iron, lead, tin and zinc: China
11. Explain what are the techniques of prospecting and exploration
Techniques used to find and evaluate sources of useful materials and determines their profitability
12. Lists such techniques
- Geochemical analysis of sediments, soil and water
- Detection of radioactivity
- Analysis of seismic waves
- Local variations of geomagnetic field
- The use of electrical signals
- The projection air satellite
13. These techniques are accurate "when locating a site?
No, provide reliable evidence about
14. Lists emblematic materials until the Industrial Revolution
Stone, bromine and iron
15. What do we mean raw materials?
The materials obtained in mines
16. What ore is called?
When ore extraction

1. What is the bargain?
The disposable mineral
2. When the ore is usually obtained by bit depth in opencast mines and when it is at some depth the extraction is done by building wells and galleries
3. Explain what the first stage in the production of materials produced in factories
In the heating of materials to bring the melting point or plastic forming
4. Explain what the second stage in the production of materials
It shapes the material and allow to cool to solidify
5. Make a classification of different types of materials
Metals - Ferrous
- Non-Ferrous
Others: - Wood
- Paper
6. Lists examples of polymers
Plastics, fibers, cork
7. Lists examples of ceramic materials
Bricks, tiles, porcelain and glass
8. What is called composite?
A composite of two or more materials, without forming alloys
9. What is called natural resource?
The element of nature that can transform technology into something useful for human beings
10. He explained that means that the metals form a crystalline structure
Its atoms are positioned for forming a regular network and defined
11. What is an alloy?
Is the dissolution of an element, metallic or non metallic metal
12. What so-ferrous metals?
Those whose main component is iron
13. Lists features
Hard, high tensile
14. Put examples of ferrous metals
Cast iron, steel and stainless steel
15. It explains the cast iron
Ferrous alloy containing mainly iron and small amounts of carbon and silicon
16. Applications List
Covers of bikers and machine tools and railroad
17. What is steel?
It is an alloy of iron and carbon
18. What is called hardening of the steel?
The great strength of steel
19. It lists the principal characteristics
Low cost of production, high strength, rigidity and durability

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