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January sales.

1)a)T: Costumer who go to the shops... Join the sales of frenzy. B)T: For a less... Sales of their own.

3)a)pick up b)continue c)Keenest d)rewarded.

4)a)better/are reduced b)were/how c)going/since d)what she had bought for peter.

Young da vinci

1)a)T: his father was... With him b)F: Piero da vinci didnt... Leonardo.

3)a)ran b)talent c)famous d)stunned

4)a)what/had had b)from/left c)as/older d) no to stop practisin until he learnt how to paint.

Some people never forget..

1)a)T: others of us... Recognizing faces b)F: of ten super-recog...Diferent hir colours.

3)a)recalling b)broad c)encunter d)credible

4)a)to/have been found b)who/to c)meeting/in d)hadnt been/wouldnt have met.


1)a)F: Once the machine.. To a mine diamond b)T: as regards Price..6000$

3)a)overseen b)lump c)graded d)inscriped

4)a)Hardest/on b)vanishes/leaving c)was discovered/should d)who/ his o here

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