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Modern state 

The early modern period was created with the fall of constantinople.
the kings succedeed in exerting their own authority over the feudal lords using various methods
the creation of a permanent army
the aplication of commonlaws
the organisation of administration
the developmentof diplomacy
  • Agriculture
The incrise of demand for food and rawn materials by the cities meant that new land had to be cultivated
cereals were the main crop but some regions also grew vines
there was an increase in the leasing of land
  • Craftwork
continue tu be controlled by guilds 
most important crafts were textiles 
the domestic sistem became more common
  • Trade

was an intelectual movement, characteristed by its admiration for the classical age.
They rejected the medieval theocentrism. The main humanists were Erasmus of rotterdam and Thomas more.
culture advances were made in cartography and also in other fields, the widespread use of the sprinting press meat that many more people had access to culture.
15th quatrocento filipo brunelleschi-dome of florence cathedral 
leon battista alberti-the facade of the crurch of santa maria novella
16th cinquecento donatto bramante-tenpietto at san pietro in montorio
michelangelo- dome of the new st peters basilica in the vatican city
relijious and mitological theme
ghiberti-gates of paradise for the baptistery of florence cathedral
donatello- david
michelangelo- pieta, david Moses 
mytological relijious historical portraits (theme)
15th fra angelico-annunciation
massacio paintings in the brancacci chapel
piero the la franchesca- portrait of the dukes of urbino
botticelli the birth of venus, allegory of spring
16th leonardo da vinci the virgin and child whit st. Anne mona lisa
rafael maddonas the athens school
michelangelo ceiling of the sistine chapel in vatican 
isabel- Fernando
juana felipe

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