Michelangelo david formal anlysis

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David,by Michelangelo/marble/free-standing sculpture/david: character from the bible, he Was a king of Israel that fought against the gigant goliath. He defets him just Throwing a stone.Michelangelo uses this story as an excuse to represent human Anatomy with a technique and a contraposto/decoration for the city of Florence.The medici,leaders of Florence command this sculpture. Propaganda: Florence; david Goliath;big European states during the early modern Age/cuattrocento

Birth of Venus, botticelli/oil/canvas/line:ther´s line, figures canbe separated from the background. Colour:bright colours. Composition:balanced. Perspective:Botticelli tries to Depict perspective but colours in the background are as intence as in the Foreground. Light:natural/quattrocento

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