Michelangelo david formal anlysis

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2) Because Renaissance word means "rebirth" of classical knowledge and "birth" of the modern world. 4)How did the printing press help to spread humanism? Because the books no longer had to be copied by hand, because the books became cheaper, and so more were sold and because humanist thought reached more people. 7)Architecture:San Lorenzo church.Brunelleschi,Florence,15th Century. Characteristics=>round arches.Chapelle Pazzi.Brunelleschi,Florence,15th Century. Characteristics=>human proportions.Sculpture:David Michelangelo,1501-1504,Florence, Characteristics=>proportions and anatomical studies, sculptures of nudes.Condotiero Gattamelata,Donatello,1450,Padua,Italy. Characteristics=>portrait, busts and equestrian statues. Painting:The three graces,Botticelli 15th Century Florence, Characteristics=>their figures had harmonious proportions and aimed for beauty by idealistic faces, bodies and movements.

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