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d ls agnts principals microbial toxinfccions alimntarias: salmonya: prtnc family entrobactriacas d ls (bacils gram (-) movils, aerobic and facultative anaerobes k ls CRCN well mdios d usuals cultivation 2. spcis: s.entrica and s. bongori .1. rsrvorio: tube digstivo d animals (avs and ew, a2, bovi2, animals d company) and umanos.2. infccion sour c d: ls alimntos procs d s enl pollute sacrifice. ls ew and l 2or also LXE puedn contaminars. ls ew v icular + snl ImxtanT. prsna also s-da prsna.3. prvivncia in alimntos ls: l time t varies preferentially the third and umdad. puedn sobrvivir in alimntos dsca2. inactivation at 60 ° c/20min. rsistncia to conglacion d 3 mss. p optimum: 6.5 to 7.5. 4. 2IS infctant: 10 5to 10 7clulas.5. priodo d incubation: lo + frcuent sd 12 to 36 6. priodo D Transmission: dsd sman a + d 1 cm xtador.7 year. patognia: mcanismo invasive x endocytosis, some puedn vcs Yegar to torrnt sanguino.8. manifstacions clinics: gastroentritis, fever tifoida.9. microbiological diagnosis: stool culture, emocultivo and srologia. • campylobactr: bacils gram ( -) d d ls campylobactriacas family. pknos (0.2 to 0.9 microns). rkiern atmosfra microaerophile 16 spcis and 5 subsp.1. rsrvorio: digstivo tube d d warm-blooded animals, avs d corral bovi2, prros, a2, etc.2. infccion sour c d: vgtals contamina2, 2or non-chlorinated, LXE and carn little examination. contagion x ay also contact with animals d infcta2.3 company. prvivncia in alimntos ls: ls not multiply in s and k alimntos the 30-45 th c. BC very snsibl to radiacions, Kimicar dsinfctants, p 's low, low and umdad t º LVAD or very low (conglacion) 4. 2IS infctant: low, - d thousand clulas.5. priodo d incubation: 2 to 5 days dpndiendo d the 2is.6. priodo D Transmission: x comra carn little exa d bench. infccion durant la active extranol s tate d xtador.7. patognia: tissue invasion, and fimbriae flagls. endotoxic x its lipopolisacari2.8. manifstacions Clinical: Acute entritis lo + s frcuent. 9. microbiological diagnosis: microscopic examn, microaerophilic culture, dl dtccion Antigna. igya s d d ls entrobatriacas family. bacils sn gram (-) aerobic and anaerobic facultativos.1. rsrvorio : digstivo umano tube. 2. Fuent d infccion: ecs prsnas ENFR + d ls and xtadoras asymptomatic. via FCAL-oral x 2oo alimntos contamina2.3. prvivncia in alimntos ls: days and antler mss. snsibls to concntracions sn d 3 d salt 8 to 5.2%, ap 'notif sd 4.8 and 5.0 ls and radiacions ionizants.4. 2IS infctant: very low, d 10 and 100 cells; of effect. 5. priodo d incubation: 12 to 96 oras. 6. priodo D Transmission: fas DSDL the acute onset d sman dspus.7 horn 4. patognia: mdiant invasive mcanismo phagocytosis. entrotoxinas. 8. manifstacions clinics: disntria with abdominal pain, profuse darra with mucus, blood and lucocitos; fiebr.9 . diagnostic microbiological culture mdios slctivos, srologia. • e. coli prtnc family entrobactrias d ls. enfrmdad d producing cts ls diarrica s sorted into their groups x caractristicas pathognomonic: ecp (entropatognica e.coli) and VTEC ( vrotoxignica e.coli or emorragica entered) 1. rsrvorio: digstivo d umanos tube and animals. 2. Fuent d infccion: a travz d 2oo alimntos contamina2 with Eqs. alimntos few exos. prsna-prsna transmission in infants. 3. prvivncia in ls alimntos: puedn live 10 days to 2 mss, even par or lower conglacion. tolrant little heat (s c/40sg inactive to 68.3 º) and radiation. 4. 2IS infctant: s not known, db sr low, entr 10 to 100 cells; / g5. priodo d incubation: 3 to 4 days6. priodo d transmission: 13 to 21 dias.7. patognia: mdiant invasive mcanismo fimbriae, no s da endocytosis, causing tissue and dsaparicion d lsion ls microvyocidads intstinals . vrotoxinas in ecvt.8. manifstacions clinics: fuerts dolors abdominals, sgui2 d Diarra ecvt aqueous and gory. inxistnt.9 fever. microbicide diagnosis lections: mdios difrncials culture and / or slctivos, srologia, dtccion d pcr and toxins. • > Y. entrocolitica. prtnc family entrobactriacas d ls and includes 10 different spcis. sn coccobacils gram (-), aerobic and facultative anaerobes. sn most movils.1. rsrvorio: t ubo digstivo d muxos animals and even artropo2. 2. sour c d infccion: ingsta d alimntos cru2 or shortly coci2 (cm d carn CRDO, cow or ledge) or LXE and 2or contaminated. s ImxtanT cross-contamination from products dl d alimntos.3 CRDO others. prvivncia in alimntos ls: t º optimal d 28 to 29 º c, s pro activamnt multiply at 4 ° c (alimntos rfrigra2!) and can sobrvivir ls congla2 long time. sobrvivir can also alimntos envasa2 in vacuum and in sobrviv + alimntos cocina2 or pasturiza2. Tolra p 's extrmos (4 to 10). s yet to ls snsibl high tmpraturas (dead in pasturizacion to 71.8 º 62.8 º c/18sg or c/30min) to ls radiacions and Kimicar atak (cl, nitrites, nitrates) 4. 2IS infctant: s not known, may srlvada, d + d 10 4cells; / G.5. priodo d incubation: 4 to 7 days6. d priodo transmission: while it lasts till ls Shinto + and 2.3 sman. if not trata2 horn 3 mss.7. patognia: mcanismo invasive mdiant endocitocis, mucus production ulcracions d, d ls ncrosis d pyer and linfoadnitis plates, and may even Yegar to sangr.8. manifstacions Clinical: diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever with the 1st duration of effect d sman 1 and 3. nausea and vomiting in alg1s cases. afcta especially infants.9. diagnostic microbiological agar and stool enrikcimientos cin. srologia, PCR testing and biokimicas. • Listri monocytogns: gram (+) short, not sxulado, aerobic and facultative anaerobic. mobile at 28 º c. oxtunista pathognomonic. causants dl 95% d ls gastroentritis.1. rsrvorio: ampliamnt distributed in the tube naturalza and enl digstivo d muxos animals. notif 1 1-10% d ls sn umanos xtadors asintomaticos.2. sour c d infccion: l use d alimntoscontamina2 (LXE ksos, pats, vgtals cru2, meat and spciay bench, PSCAD Umade and seafood or raw) .3. ls prvivncia in alimntos: aunk no sxulado s, s rsistnt to heat and cold (0 to 45 º c). still die from 50th c. ls apd 4.4 crc dbajo sobrvivn pro x, + CRCN not. s in Ibid x aci2 organic (Activa, citric and lactic). concntracions pued crcr to high salt x lo ks d ImxtanT in curadas.4 Carns. 2IS infctant: dsconocida, s k varies preferentially growing CPA and sucptibilidad prsnal. inm1 dprsion in a thousand cells; / g pro in healthy prsnas muxo +: 1,9 x10 5to 1x10 9cells; / g5. priodo d incubation: dsconocido, s cre k + d 12 oras, ls aparcn sinto + oras.6 after 24/48. priodo D Transmission: several mss x ls ecs.7. patognia: s dsconoc can mcanismo invasive sr 1. s cre k entrotoxinas.8 production. manifstacions clinics: Diarra likida without blood, fever, and pain d arthromylagia cabza. posibls nausea, vomiting or pain abdominal.9. microbiological diagnosis: enrikcimientos slctivos and difrncials and rsiembra. srologia. ilococcus stap Aurus: coco gram (+) aerobic and facultative anaerobic, catalase (+), not sxulado. great potncial pathognomonic, their mo nol entrotoxinas and cause d the same enfrmdad.1 sl. rsrvorio: xtadors umanos (10 to 40% d healthy nose, ample, skin, throat), also in animals in pro ls ma +, leading to the + titis cattle and sheep and may contaminate the LXE produced. 2. sour c d infccion: the transmission sx dirct contact, skin or dsscamacion d rspiratorias mdiant stornu2 vias or cough. The main source d infccion x sx mishandling both alimntos d ls (Carns, EW, bench, tuna, LXE and driva2, etc.) and x rfrigracion or bad the 1st firing. 3. prvivncia in alimntos ls: s 1 d ls sxula2 + rsistnts not pathognomonic. SCOS sobrviv in ambients, air, dust, water rsiduals, suprficis. s osmotolrant and may concntracions d crcr in high salt or sugar, + does not produce toxins. s about the ls tmpraturas inactivates 60 º C or below 7.2 º C ls (rfrigracion), their entrotoxinas pro sn trmostabls. frcuentmnt find only toxinas.4 ls. 2IS infctant: + d 10 > 5d-producing cells; entrotoxina / g5. priodo d incubation: prformadas toxins caused x, x lo k 30min and 6 ranges of effect pray. 6. d priodo Transmission: enfrmdad not transmitted d s prsna to prsna, pus ls sn entrotoxinas.7 cause. patognia: mcanismo invasive and production virulncia extraclular with d 15 distinct toxins (entrotoxinas, the cause toxic Xok dl, exfoliative toxins, etc!) 8. manifstacions clinics: Primroses nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain dspus. April pued ipotrmia, prostrations, and idratacion ds iptnsion. sinto ls ls 8-48 + dsaparcn to pray pro puedn rkrir ospitalizacion.9. microbiological diagnosis: dtccion d alimntos toxin in ls, x ejmplo with passive agglutination latxa

clstridium prfringns: gram (+), and anaerobic sxulado stricto. immobile and encapsulation. d the 1st production infccions variety toxignicas.1 invasive. rsrvorio: normal flora dl d umanos digstivo tube and animals, also found in the earth s polvo.2 yl. infccion sour c d: d cow especially meats or bad cocina2 bench in kdan sxas ks ls k puedn multiply when t º d s consrvacion inappropriate. 3. ls prvivncia in alimntos: sxas very rsistnts to heat, even at 100 º C / 1 and cm also to cold. ls for + vgtativas yet to snsibls sn ls rapidamnt low tmpraturas and decrease from 15 º c d ls, ls in ibien2e to 6th c. snsibl s also the p, not if st cr100do Margna salt 5 to 8.3 dl. entrotoxina also its heat snsibl s ys d dstruye from 60th c/5min.4. 2IS infctant: 10 6to 10 7clulas/g5. priodo d incubation: 6 to 24 oras.6. d priodo transmission: the enfrmdad s cm x ls toxins caused no s transmitida.7. patognia: mcanismo toxignico, p 12 distinct toxins uedlaborar horn, some d ls cuals producn lsions tisulars (entritis ncrotica), the altracions d prmabilidad etc. 8. manifstacions clinics: can cause 2 types preferentially dífrnts CPA: gastroentritis lv (ct a) k rmit in 6 to 24, or gastroentritis ncrotizant (ct c), 1st infccion with mortalidadlvada.9 grav. microbiological diagnosis: quantitative culture Mustra d d d ecs and quantitative studios alimntos implica2 Mustra d ls. dtccion d entrotoxina in the ecs mdiant pcr, smooth or latxa. • clstridium botulinum: gram (+), and anaerobic sxulado stricto can producit various types d nurotoxinas toxin. c botulism ausant x both dl .1. rsrvorio: ampliamnt distributed in naturalza on earth and also enl tube ombr.2 yl digstivo d animals. sour c d infccion: alimntos cm embuti2, ham and all d ls Casr consrvas Origne vgtal. s not dstruyen ls gnran stas sxas and toxins in anaerobiosis at 30 º c and the 1st alkalinity and salinity adcuadas.3. ls prvivncia in alimntos: sn rsistnts heat sobrviviendo pray to 100 º c. however, its toxins dstruyen s at 90 ° c/10min.4. 2IS infctant: ls ls + sn potnts toxins known, deadly 2IS mini +: 0.1 to 0.3 microgramos.5. priodo d incubation: Shinto + nurologicos aparcn after 8 to 36 oras.6. d priodo transmission: the enfrmdad s cm x ls nuro toxins caused not transmitted s .7. patognia: mcanismo toxignico, gnrando botulism. s Ingierstrand active toxin prformada enl digstivo ys, where s becomes in 1a potnt nurotoxina.8. manifstacions clinics: will dsd for + lvs diagnosticabls not very gravs and mortals. April Suel fatigue, maras, skdad in mouth and throat, constipation, urinary rtncion abdominal yl. postriormnt diplopia, blurred vision, photophobia, dysphonia, dysarthria, dysphagia, flaccid xalisis d ls d extrmidads muscle rspiratoria, k can produce finalmnt xada cardiorspiratoria and death. ltalidad entrl 10 l 20% 9. microbiological diagnosis: dtctar botulinum toxin in the blood, gastric contnido ls ecs and, so the prsncia dl cm ls mo in Eq. • baciyus crus: gram (+) sxulado, aerobic and facultative anaerobic, catalase (+) and mobile x MDIO d flagls pritricos.1. rsrvorio: ampliamnt distributed, enl principalmnt ground gnra sxas x lo k stan k to2 s la2.2. sour c d infccion: ingsta d alimntos contamina2 and consrva2 to tmpratura ambient dspus d sulaboracion meat, PSCAD, dairy products and vgtals.3. ls prvivncia in alimntos: most sn msofils, aunk some cts bienl endure cold (4 to 7 º c). sxas sn rsistnts their heat, conglacion, ds and idratacion and even radiacions dsinfctants. however entrotoxina s your snsibl to calor.4. 2IS infctant: d 10 5to 10 8clulas/g.5. priodo d incubation dpndiendo toxin d, d 30min to 16 .6. priodo D Transmission: cm enfrmdad s the toxins caused x ls, s not transmitted .7. patognia: the ad ecion s sncial both ways vgtativa xa xa sxas cm. 7 types d gnra dífrnts toxins, including entrotoxinas.8. manifstacions clinics: nausea, vomiting and vcs, dspus, diarrhea, abdominal pain and fuerts contraccions pristalticas. + d not usually lasts 12 to 24. 9. microbiological diagnosis: the dtccion d entrotoxina mdiant tcnico inm1logicas. • xolrae vibrio: gram (-), facultative anaerobic and oxidase (+) d caractristica shaped coma. dl cause colr. produ100do glucose frmntan acid, + no gas. sn movils.1. rsrvorio: naturalza s found in brackish water enl, Pro can infctar to Mr. umano, in their encontran2e entoncs ecs and may contaminate alimntos and 2O.2. sour c d infccion: ingsta d 2oy alimntos contamina2 little coci2 or cru2: PSCAD, seafood, cooked rice, meat d CRDO, vrdura and fruta.3. ls prvivncia in alimntos: prsistncia prolonged cooking decreases the pro lolimina not. 4. 2IS infctant: d 10 5to 10 6clulas.5. priodo d Incubation ranges d 6 pray to 5 days6. Transmission priodo d: x few days the dspus d enfrmdad, ls very infcciosas.7 sn ecs. patognia: procs multifactorial, both invasvo cm toxignico. ls mo s mdiant the mucosa 1EN fimbriae and pili, where books colrica toxin. intact mucosa and no evidence kda d inflammation, production pro s 1st departure + vat d LIKIDO and intstinal light ions. ad + sta toxin absorption in ib d 2o.8. manifstacions clinics: Diarra vomiting, watery, pale gray ecs d smelling PSCAD. ds grav idratacion (1l /). aci2is mtabolica.9. microbiological diagnosis: stool culture in TCBS MDIO. rkrir enrikcimiento pued pptonizada in 2or alkaline. 18-24 colonies obtnmos Amariya dspus pray with k ls d ARMOS agglutination tests. obsrvacion also dirct darkfield microscope d d ls xa likidas ecs obsrvar the mo, its movement and in prsncia d ibicion in antisrums. aemolyticus xa vibrio: gram (-), facultative anaerobic and oxidase (+), alofilo x lo k ncsita concntracionslvadas d salt (1 to 8%) 1. rsrvorio: s marine particularmnt in sdimntos and plankton. s also found in seafood muxos pcs 2. infccion sour c d: d PSCAD consumption and raw or undercooked shellfish, contaminated postriormnt pro. x alimntos other cross-contamination. 3. ls prvivncia in alimntos: prolifra not pro sobrviv a - d 15 º C, even in durant conglacion mss. corrcta s ncsita the 1st cooking (60 º c/10min) d ls alimntos xaliminarlo. snsibls to bactricidas also naturals, ls and high prsions.4 radiacions. 2IS infctant: 10 5to 10 7clulas.5. priodo d incubation d 4 to 96 6. Transmission priodo d: s not known prsna-prsna transmission. 7. patognia: different factors virulncia d, l + td known, 1a emolisina k ls afcta to cells; sanguinas.8. manifstacions clinics: puedn vary, dsd very gravs lvs. Diarra abdominal pain, watery, with posibls nausea, vomiting, and fever dolors d cabza. ecs blood in the middle d ls cases. ent duration d 2 to 10 dias.9. microbiological diagnosis: enrikcimiento in > 2or pptonisada iprsalina and stool in TCBS x 24/48, obtniendo colonies caractristicas. x mtabolicas also evidence to dífrnts tolrancia d d concntracions salt. xal production studio d d d emolisina s agar plates used Wagatsuma

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