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Mon Defnss body: external: skin (sweat + + Bactris non-pathogenic skin MRTA) / saliva and tears (lysozyme Antiseptic) / ceruminoses glands (earwax) / rspiratòries pathways (mucositt) digestive tract (gastric juice) / vagina (bacteria + likits Acids ) internal: immune system: clules inmunitaries: GB (neutrophils + + monosits sits lymph `) /GB granulocytic (neutrophils, basophils, eusinofils) agranulocítics GB (monòsits + limfòsits) lymphoid organs: spinal Osea (mother cell) tim (cellular immune) spleen (dalteskerra abdomen, and has played mother cell) lymph nodes (network x tt l body, vnes lymphatic cnectads m, the mature cell) Rsposta inmunitària: rsposta nonspecific(GB neutrofits absorbing and monòsids) Mushrooms (Funghi) hyphae, long strips of eukaryotic cell. micelu, cnjunts of hyphae. s'alimnten No dscomposicio of organic matrix (heterotrophic nutrition, saprophytic) of fungal diseases: Mycoses Protozoa: rgne Protista, eukaryotic unicelulars. matrial gnetic spar citoprasma Mon. nutrients entering x: diffusion (mmbrana) endocytosis (solid, phagotyzing / likida pinocitosi) mvimnt by: cilia, whippings, pseudopods. rproduccio: bipartició (2 mterials gnetics) / ar (d intrcanvi material gnetic) toxoplasmosis. bacteria prokaryotes. pden be: cocci (rdons) / Diplococcus / vibrios (mnjeta) / bacilli (Oval) / spirilla. Autotroph and heterotrophic. sgons FNS dnergia: Phototroph, quimiotrofs. rproducci parasexual. l ajudn in fixed nitrogen. contagion: direct / indirect. tetanus.Virus: not a cell (XIX) TTS provoken diseases, XK sapodren d ls celular. frmes: polyhedral (ball europe) elicoidals (spring) bacteriophages. lithic cycle: cycle of reproduction. antiviral.

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