Middle age peninsular kingdoms

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Prehistory-paleo-meso-neolithic-bronze age-Celts-Middle ages-christianity to viking paganism-
Norman Conquest (William I, II, Henry I, II)-Magna Carta-100Years War-Black Death-Peasants
Revolt-War of the Roses-Tudor Dinasty(Henry VII, H.VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I)-
Elizabeth's cousin Mary Stuart son was James I Scotland VI Eng crowned: Stuart Dinasty.
Netherlands Revolt (William of Orange, Son of Mary Stuart)- Cromwell-back to stuarts-Glorious
Revolution-Restoration-Light N Science-Will Orange was crowned Will III of Eng, Ireland and Scot.
Contitutonal Monarchy-Bill of Rights-New Empire.
New Empire-7 years War- American War of Independence-End of Napoleonic Wars-Treaty of
Paris-The Great Famine in Ireland (poor harvests across the Brit Isles, fungus disease on
potatoes, Chartism)-Somehow Victoria was crowned queen. Victorian Age was great. Abolished
slavery-Then her son Edward VII (great grandfather of Eliz II)

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