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Democratic Centralism and How it Functions within the Chinese System

Democratic Centralism

  • Political decisions reached by the party are agreed upon all members of the party no matter what

How it Functions within the Chinese System

  • Politburo

    • The committee made up of the top 25 leaders of the CCP

How is China able to maintain a Communist political system while embracing degrees of economic reform?

Opening Up to Other Countries

  • Trade

  • Expanding influence in other countries

    • I.E. Africa, Europe


Still one party

Degree of Local Authority and Autonomy and How it is Largely for Show

Umbrella Revolution

Ideologues vs. Technocrats


  • People who connect their opinions & beliefs w/ broad policy positions taken by their party/candidate

  • Political


  • Highly educated bureaucrats who make decisions based on their perceptions of technical ideas rather than political ones

  • Non political - technical

Why are there long term effects of the one child policy and why are they easing up on it?

Driven by fears that an aging population could jeopardize China’s economic ascent

The efforts to limit family size also led to a skewed sex ratio of males to females, because traditional rural families favor boys over girls, sometimes even resorting to infanticide to ensure they have a son

Increase labor supply

Examples of Environmental Degradation

Occurs due to rapid industrialization

  • Expanding highways, airports

Largest source of carbon emissions

Air quality fails standards

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