Migration africa to europe

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In th Early Modern Age there were a lot of economic transformations in Agriculture, Craftwork, trade and Banking. 

The agricultural production increased although there were no technological advances. The tree-field rotation system was maintained. Agriculture and livestock farming continued to be the main source of economic activity, As a result societies at this time were very vunerable:during the years of bad crops, hunger and diseases reappered.
Also there were troubles because as there was a excess of food produced. The surplus products were sold in city markets, but also there were trade routes over land and sea that connected places. The most important was the triangular trade, which joined Africa, Europe and England
There were a lot of improvements in banking.Bankers started changing money and looking after the money and precious metals of their clients. They provided loans. Bankers lent money in exchange for returning the same amount plus an additional amount (interest). The most important Banking families were Medici and Fugger. They created new forms of payment such as the Bill of exchange. The expansion of craftsmanship: The products were made in workshops which were controled by associations called guilds. Domestic system was created which consisted in merchants that provided families with tools and materials to make products in their houses.

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