Migration africa to europe

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1. H.A’s interpretation of history was Built by Nazi’s rule in Germany in WWII. She criticizes Anti-Semitism, Imperialism, Totalitarianism by highlighting that those demonstrated needs of New political principle. The three ideologies strongly connects to how Nazi have Committed their war crime : Jews -> Anti-Semitism/ Conquering many places in Europe and Africa such as France -> Imperialism/Controlling citizens to Participate in war -> totalitarianism////United Nation sought to establish The new guarantee of human dignity from 1945. UN monitors nations x conflict. Also UN seek to provide human rights. ////Vietnam war is the political response To loss of the dignity of Western tradition because the U.S. Has repeated their Mistake by discarding their historical burden in WWII such as imperialism. The Repeated action of U.S. From WWII shows how the historical burden have come to The surface and took away the dignity.

2. Shiva has 5 Mantras, 5 faces. In the Wooden panel, it shows 2(Vamadeva and Aghora) which shows that core beliefs are Continuing.////because there was a trade between Asia and Europe through silk Road. Trade active->religion spread. Central Asia was in the middle of silk Road////Ottoman empire spread islam by ruling a large area in M.East, Europe, And N.Africa. By ruling many places, the empire converted many to muslims. Ex: Many muslim in northern African caused by expansion of Ottoman Empire.

3. Judaism: caused by people’s migration Throughout afro-Eurasia after Diaspora. Christianity : caused by missionary’s Travel around Eurasia continent. Both was caused by people’s movement all Around world. ////Judaism wasn’t done by institution, while Christianity was Done by institution such as group of missionaries.

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