Miguel de Unamuno

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3. Miguel de Unamuno.
For him, the novel became the ideal medium to interpret reality.
3.1. Conception of the novel.
In developed novel production issues that haunted him: the affirmation of the personality, fighting instinct, the desire to dominate others and death.
His novels focus on the inner conflict of the characters generated by a strict family union.
It began in the narrative Peace in War, historical fiction, realistic novels he considered "oviparous" created with the realistic procedure to accumulate data, unlike the rest of his novels, which characterizes them as "viviparous" created with technique that reflects life. The first, Love and pedagogy, fusion of the sublime and the ridiculous, unbelievable is a satirical fantasy about the failure of positivist theories.

3.2. Major novels.
This narrative of 1914, subtitled nivola, by the fight against determinism by confrontation of the protagonist Augusto Perez, and its creator, the novelist. Abandoned on her wedding day, Augusto suicidal thoughts. Salamanca and will consult the writings Unamuno, who reminds him that it is a simple fictional character, and Augusto replies that he is also a fictitious character invented by God. Unamuno, the prospect of death, kills Augustus. Excel, so the question of metanovela.

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