Miguel de Unamuno and Pio Baroja

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Miguel de Unamuno was born in Bilbao. Fe rector of the University of Salamanca. Growing all genres. The themes addressed in his works reveal their personal tryectoria. In 1894 concerns predominate regeneration and reflection on Spain but in 1897 after a crisis turns into an existential religious theme. With the literature express their obsessions: death, religion, the issue of Spain. Use a dry tone and style bohemian, direct, full of paradoxes and expresivo.la novel is very dense, philosophical and schematic. The main themes are the family's homeland and religion. Used free verse and traditional meters and stanzas. Career poetic lyrical string of sonnets (1911), the Christ of Velasquez (1920), from Fuerteventura to Paris (1925), ballad of exile (1928). Works essayists: around casticismo (1895) d life Don Quixote and Sancho (1905) The Agony of Christianity (1924). Work narrative: what matters is the knot is not the approach or the outcome. Peace in War (1897) Love and Pedagogy (1902) Fog (1914) San Manuel Bueno, Martyr (1930)

Pio Baroja: St. Sebastian was born in 1872 died in Madrid 1956 he studied medicine, doctor and practiced this profession because he preferred a short time to go to London and work in the family business. His real vocation was to observe and depict life in literary work. He had a pessimistic and skeptical attitude. The last years he was leading toward more conservative positions. His style is characterized by its simplicity and is unsightly, hurried, nervous, spontaneous, drawn strokes. Antirhetoric uses language, the pace is fast and agile. The characters are misfits, antisocial or rebellious. His narrative gifts culminating in the portrayal of characters, the description of environment. Works: Basque country, "the house of Aizgorri, the birthright of Labraz; aventurero.-Zalacain the fantastic life: the way of perfection .- The struggle for life: The search; weed; roja. aurora-race: the tree of science .- Sea: concerns andia.santhi

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