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Love in the work of Miguel Hernandez: Love life: her mother played an important role in his life for the support and love he gave. Carmen, squash, was his first adolescent love, never returned. He also met Maria Zambrano, were joined by a great friendship. He dedicated The yellow house. In the dedication of the ray that does not stop, the poet says to you alone, in fulfillment of a promise as if you've forgotten yours. It is certain, according to Jose Luis ferries that most of the compositions are intended to Maruja Mallo and her work is dedicated. Josefina Manresa who had been his girlfriend in the village three sonnets are addressed. I am dying of caste and simple. I threw a lemon and a slide I have for your accent. Maruja Mallo, Maruja was the poet who started their first sexual games and was also very passionate love. She is free and wild hare of the poem 15, or the love sonnet 28 the ravening beast. Maria Cegarra: Miguel Hernandez in her attempt to find consolation for the abandonment of m. mall, this is not paying much attention.Love: Here we find all shades and degrees, from the knowledge of love, pain of love by the rejection of the beloved, passionate love, sensual love and a husband, until the deep wound of separation and absence. The book in which Michael gives free rein to his deep love is lightning that does not stop, in which grief and tormented life of the poet is also bad for the absence of the beloved. Miguel is trying since 1934 to an aspect expressive in love with Josephine. But there is a crisis to go to Madrid and meet Pablo Neruda and Vicente Aleixandre, began writing poetry impure, an uninhibited eroticism. The ray reflects the crisis does not stop the passing miguel and the crisis that happens after the civil war Spain, there is the removal of Josephine and the meeting with two other women, Maruja and Maria. Love in the lightning that never stops is shot through the heart of the poet. There are a number of sonnets collected Hernandiana punishment by rejection of the beloved and poems that remind us of the penalty Petrarchan love love cuts. Poems where Michael talks about the penalty with several: A carnivorous knife, not cease this ray that inhabits me. Your state is a wreck and only love can save him, as we shall see in the sonnet, I made these bones penalties. The penalty arises from the erotic desire and the barrier to its implementation, provincial and narrow morals that hovers over his girlfriend and the environment in Orihuela and miguel it crashed again and again. In other sonnets sings the beauty of the lady, focusing on one part of it such as your foot, your foot, the whiteness most dance, play with metaphors.

The poet surrenders to the feet of the lady like a dog, she is subjected to, up to total surrender when it appears. The kiss is a prelude and a symbol of love as he says, have a slide by your accent. The kiss becomes poison sometimes suffering as in, sees settle, no, I despair. In last song, the poet dreams of going home and it feels far from his beloved, and this never stops thinking in her mouth and kisses that have joined. Another motif that recurs in the compositions is the idea of blood. The blood is linked to the bullMetaphor with which they identify. He is like a bull. Poems like the bull knows the end of the run. Another sonnet which demonstrates their tragic fate as the bull is, as the bull is born for mourning. Love and death, a love so strong has its end in death, hence the image of the bull. In the ray that does not stop there is a sonnet on the death: death, all full of holes. The love miguel speaks to the woman is a carnal love, sex is a psychological necessity, an inevitable and fatal tendency to emerge from the depths of man. The love that the poet will lose its own identity. In, my name is mud ... ..., the poet loses his name, to stay in the mud. Love is also manifested as love for friends and mankind in general. In the ray that continues to find the eerie elegy Ramón Sijé, which is dead. In winds of the people, we find the first dedicated to Lorca's elegy, which also laments his loss. Both in town and in winds of man lurks, Miguel happen to love a woman to love mankind in general. Now she appears as a mother. She is the light that gives encouragement and a child who is in his belly is the reason for the fight. The songs and ballads of absences, the poet sang the absence of the beloved. Love is a constant throughout the book. The poet remembers the room where the lovers were carried away by passion. The love becomes an obsession: it is everywhere as we see, everything is full of you. The absence of the beloved gives him great distress, as see in, the absence of any see. Love will give wings to the poet in prison, told in his poem, flight. The woman is seen as a female that breeds, as we see, the less your stomach. In a child of light and shadow will tell the woman who does not love herself. The child will sense the fighting and all their endeavors. Many of the poems of the songs focus on love child. Shocking is, mothers of onion, which creates for his son Miguel. At the end of his life, alone in prison, sick, Miguel came to the conclusion that any war is good for nothing if love is not the reason.

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