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Organization: The Collection of poems by Miguel Hernandez is composed of 165 poems divided into 14 books in chronological order and thematically the same time: Poetry loose I, Expert on moons, moons cycle environment expert, Poems published in Gallo Crisis and Silves, poems belonging to the cycle violated Silva, Silva violated, your fingerprint image, the ray that does not stop, uncollected poems III, Wind of the people, loose Poems IV, The Man stalks, songbook and Ballads of absences and other poems of the cycle. As I said, the poems of the Poetic Anthology of Miguel Hernández follow a thematic and chronological order, since in them recounts events that shaped his life: his land (Proficient in moons), civil war and the Republican front stage ( Viento del pueblo), his love affair with Josephine, birth and death of his eldest son Manuel Ramón (Ballad Songbook and absences) ... The most used verses by the poet are: quartet (Aging), triplet (Teruel, Winter - pure), nibble (Laborers, Aceituneros) serventesio (Hands, Song of the soldier husband, Song of independence, Russia), octaves (Proficient in moons), sonnet (that goes), tenth (Ruy-lord and blackbird ) and verse (Song of antiavionista).

Poems of Miguel Hernandez, though simple, are full of literary devices of all kinds, the most prominent are: - Repetitions: cogedme, cogedme / let me permit me, goes fast / quick passes, Scream! Scream!
- Antithesis: the life / of death, so close, and sometimes / that we are far, is kissing in a lifetime s kiss of death throughout
- Alliteration: your door, the heart, kissing, some, silence clothing for bodies, the doors.
- Parallelism: and afternoon / evening and, among the flowers you left / I'm among the flowers, just look / listen enough, to choose good hand / good choices stone
- Similar: Two injured as shots strong, vigilant as wives, full of anxiety as a port
- Personification: trains possessed of a wandering passion, deep voice and hand machines
- Metaphor: a carnivore sweet wing knife murderer snake multiple domes.
-Anadiplosis (your legs relentless, implacable your mouth)
-polysyndeton (and argue ... and argue ... and your mouth inplabable ... and to my solitude ...)

ISSUE: Although there are many love poems, both by his wife, as his son, few poems that are beyond any mention of his fight for the libretto and environment expert Republic. Miguén Hernandez covers topics moons motley their environment as nature, sex ... and it's the last poem of the book has themes of war (War of summer). Wind of the people in a book full of positivism in victory and encouraged his teammates to keep fighting. His latest works and lurks Man Ballads songbook and work absences are sad, where is his longing for his wife and son and poems from the front suggests a hint of pessimism, no longer sings withenthusiastically cheering his teammates, but his poems have a slow and describes the pain of the soldiers, that perfection in the poem The train of wounded. M iguel Hernandez frequently used topical fugit tempos, especially in the poems referring to Manuel Ramón (The sun rose and the child were born one day flowers / are the daily / suns, flowers, new children, awoke from be child never wake up). Continually uses elements of nature to describe the female figure lemon (breasts) and animals such as deer (Song of the soldier husband). Belly often also used to refer to his son but still heading to Josephine. His poems often speak of death, as in its surroundings were very close, his son Manuel Ramon died very young, perhaps because of poor feeding and die in the war saw many of his friends.

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