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Dionysus: it presents in the play as a young officer of 27 years, corny, shy, no will, clinging to social conventions. Just also wants a conventional marriage. He acknowledges a weak personality Paula just enter in your room until you find it fast developing within itself, while not being afraid, to a real bohemian. They want to break with the life that was intended but has no strength for it and falls into accepting the disappointment that has been defeated by the ignorance of so many years, victim of a bourgeois education and timorata.Así, the evolution of Dionysus is circular, if they return to take the same attitude with which we begin the work to come to accept her marriage to the daughter of Don Sacramento.
Buby: the black man who runs the ballet company of the Music Hall, is a bridge between the two worlds presented in the work. First, is a topic in the world of theater and opera, the bohemian world. But then it also has features of conventional and bourgeois world: the importance attached to money, as the girls exploited for personal gain based on deception and blackmail ...
Paula: beautiful blonde girl of 18 years (approximately, because he never says his exact age, is more, even she knows her own age). Dionysus is presented as a ballet dancer Buby Barton. It is a clear example of life in this society. You try to hide what actually happens and has happened throughout life. Pretend to be the poor silly girl who is in love with a person who did not suit him at all, Bubi. But clearly reflected his unhappiness that is not why, if not poverty that is happening. He admits later that these are the reasons for his sadness. And at times, Denis brings a smile to the girl.
Don Rosary owns the hotel you are staying Dionysius, is a very loving, very affectionate and has no one to give you all that love that overflows, then had a son, but stopped within a well and died, mima to all its guests.
The Hateful or Señ, Hunter Cunning, the Ancient Military, the Explorer Alegre, Roma ntico Enamorado, El Guapo Muchacho: each of these characters differently represents the hypocrisy of bourgeois morality. The author ðun run up to them absurd and extraordinarioð, as they say in the play, so that history appears as a sham.
Fanny, Madame Olga, Sagra, Trudy, Carmela are the artists from a place called Music Hall counterpoint of the bourgeois world, but they are also at your service. They represent the underworld of prostitution misleading. The author introduces us to these characters as funny, cheerful and superficial.

Structure of the work: Miguel Mihura used for the composition of the work to the rules of classical drama: unity of action, time and space. The action is divided into three acts that correspond to the traditional pattern: a beginning, middle and end.The first act is an approach to action. It introduces us to the main characters and the conflict in which they live. It is based on the fiction that display each other. The second act presents the conflict as such: the knot. Show the experience of Dionysus in that other world we have entered Paula's hand (of illusion, fantasy and absurdity). Among the first act and the second two hours to pass within that space is radically transformed the environment. Mihura concludes the third act with the outcome, with the return of all his order, leaving crushed by Dionysius played by Don Sacramento system.
Time and space: The action will develop in one night, starts at 11 and ends at 6 in the morning. It occurs in a single scenario, the room of a luxury hotel not far from one European city.
Personal opinion: "three hats" is one of the most important works of Miguel Mihura, which entailed a new conception of the theater of humor.
The structure of the work is quite simple, always full of absurd humor. The most important element of the play is the sharp criticism of bourgeois society, denouncing their behavior and vulgarity. Therefore, I advise all this book because it's fun, easy to read but not exempt from a deep message that is the subject of reflection
Relation of title to the work: The top hat meets at least four symbolic values: At the beginning of work and facing a marriage is a label, smart and fully established as a bourgeois standard of dress for this type of event . It also represents the game of magic and illusion present in the world of entertainment. At the beginning of the play becomes the starting point of the relationship between Dionysius and Paula, being able to declare this object as a bridge between her two worlds. Finally, when Paula is juggling his hat, showing the irony of the entertainment world, with that misleading apparent brightness and mediocrity in the world of the artist.
Gender in the Workplace: It's theatrical genre. Under a guise of comedy and ridicule, lies a tragic theme

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