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News of the themes of the Cartesian philosophy. 1.Alma-body: Today has been pushed to the mind-brain approach, with a wide range of responses are summarized in three positions: - Dualism: (retailers) the mind and body are separate entities that interact, but believe that consciousness is not reducible to and identifiable with brain processes .-- Monism: mental processes are results of brain functioning. There is a unique identity. The brain produces special phenomena explained by their structures and connections .-- Emergency: intermediate position. The mental emerges, emerges and depends on physical and biological processes. But their properties are qualitatively different. 2.The method. Today has abandoned the aspiration to find a method of universal validity. 3.Ciencia and Metaphysics. To discard metaphysics was the foundation of science and knowledge that she is more important thing you can achieve. At present scientists do a double consideration of the metaphysical approach, first a theory must specify a model of reality that reaches the validity within the metaphysical framework in which their claims make sense, otherwise, metaphysics as scientific knowledge of the substance of what is in the world is worthless. 4.Mecanicismo. The machine model has now been abandoned to give way to principles such as uncertainty of Heidelberg and quantum mechanical approaches altering the apparent order of cause and effect. (Random, chaos, probability). 5.Certeza and truth. Today only defends the possibility of attaining absolute knowledge of truth and certainty is expressed in terms of probability that can not be absolute. Science is not the only access road to truth. Other theories of truth, are the truth as truth as utility or prospect

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