Why does miss lunatic give sara allen the coin

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1)Put the following events in the right order..
a 6 Mr Crewe dies.
b 9 The monkey comes to Sara’s room.
c 7 Sara starts to work as a servant.
d 11 Ram Dass tells Mr Carrisford about Sara.
e 4 Sara has a party for her eleventh birthday.
f 1 Sara Crewe comes to London from India.
g 12 Sara finds magic things to eat in her room.
h 14 Sara was rich again.
i 5 Mr Crewe loses all his money.
j 3 Sara makes friends with Becky.
k 13 Sara brings the monkey to Mr Carrisford’s house.
l 15 Becky was Sara’s servant.
m 2 Mr Crewe returns to India.
n 8 An Indian gentleman comes to live next door.
o 10 Sara meets Ram Dass.
2)Are these sentences true or false

a F Sara liked London when she first came.

b F Ermengarde was very clever.

c T Sara’s mother was French.

d F Lavinia liked Sara.

e T Becky worked very hard.

f F Miss Minchin was always very kind to Sara.

g T Sara gave bread to a poor child.

h T Ram Dass came from India.

i T Mr Carmichael wanted to find Ralph Crewe’s daughter.

j F Mr Carrisford wanted to keep Mr Crewe’s money.

3)Who said this? Who did they say it to? Mr Carmichael, Becky...

a She must play with the other.....’MR CREWE to ..MISS MINCHIN

b I just sat down for a minute and—’ BECKY to SARA

c Oh, Sara is so clever.’ LAVINIA

dHave you got a black dress?’ MISS MINCHIN to SARA

eI’m always going to be your friend.’ERMENGARDE to SARA

fCan you get across the roof?’ SARA to RAM DASS

g‘I must find the child.’ MR CARRISFORD to MR CARMICHAEL

h‘You are not kind.’SARA to MISS MINCHIN

4 Match a number from A with a letter from B...


1There are no diamond mines …B( and your father's friend ran)

2 You can stay in my house …D(but you must be a servant)

3 You can sleep in a servant’s room …E(next to becky's room)

4 Sara sat on the bed …A(in her old black dress)

5 Her face was white …C(and she didn't move or speak)

Setting... Alternativas

1 Sara Crewe was born in D (india)

2 Miss Minchin’s School for Girls is in C (london)

3 Sara is... Years old when she arrives at the school. B (seven)

4 Sara’s mother was A (french)

5 Ralph Crewe puts his money into some new mines in C (northern india)

6 When Sara has no money, she sleeps D (in a servant's room...)

7 When Sara looks out of her window, she can ... B(the next attic...)

8 Mr Carrisford lives... The school. A (next door to)

9 Mr Carmichael goes to.. To look for Ralph Crewe’s daughter. B(russia)

10 At the end, Sara goes to live in C (Mr carrisford house)


11 Miss Minchin likes Sara because her father is D (famous)

12 Sara’s father, Ralph Crewe, lives and works in B (india)

13 Sara is good at A(telling stories)

14 Sara helps Ermengarde with her A (lessons)

15 Before Sara comes to the school... Is the richest and... B (lavinia)

16 Becky is a C (poor servant girl)

17 ..Works for Mr Carrisford as a lawyer B (mr carmichael)

18 ..Puts nice things in Sara’s room at night. D (ram dass)

19 When Sara is hungry, Ermengarde gives her C (a big cake)

20 Mr Carrisford was Ralph Crewe’s A (friend)


21 ‘What a beautiful child!’ B (miss minchin)

22 ‘I am putting all... Into my friend’s diamond mines...A (ralph crewe)

23 ‘Oh, Sara is so clever! Sara is so good at French... C (lavinia)

24 ‘Sometimes I like your stories better than things to eat.D (becky)

25 ‘I am going to be very kind to you. You can stay... B (miss minchin)

26 ‘I never liked Sara Crewe. And I was right...A (lavinia)

27 ‘But I’m your friend! I’m always going to be your...B (ermengarde)

28 ‘Come quickly. The magic is here again. Come...D (sara)

29 ‘I found her. But it was the wrong girl. Her name...D (mr carmichael)

30 ‘Carmichael, it is the child – the child!’ C (mr carrisford)


31 when a person can learn, understand...C (clever)

32 when you are ill with a very hot head and body B (fever)

33 a place under the ground where people fin...A(mine)

34 a small animal with a long tail; it can jump easily...C (monkey)

35 unhappy because you are not with other people B(lonely)

36 a picture in your head when you are sleeping A (dream)

37 something sweet and nice to eat; sometimes...B (cake)

38 a person who works in a kitchen and makes food D (cook)

39 friendly and good to other people A (kind)

40 when you speak very, very quietly D (whisper)


41 Sara is an only child and her mother is... D (dead)

42 Whensara..., her father... Some expensive..For her. B(dresses)

43 When Ralph.., Miss Minchin.. Sara to be a.. At the school A(servant)

44 After Ralph Crewe dies, Sara must wear C (an old black dress)

45 Sometimes Miss Minchin doesn’t give Sara any B (food)

46 When Sara .. Street, she buys som.. Bread and D (gives it toapoor)
47 In India Mr Carrisford.. Because he was afraid and had A(a fever)

48 After Ralph Crewe died, Mr Carrisford did find some D(diamonds)

49 Sara meets Mr Carrisford.. She takes... To his house.A(themonkey)

50 At the end,..Is very happy because.. Goes to live with Sara.C(becky)

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