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1. ABODE: a place in which a personresides

2.PLASTERING:a coatingofplaster.
3.CHINKS: a crack,cleft, or fissure
4.CHIMNEY: a structure containing a passage by which the gasesarecarriedoff
5.HEWN:felledandroughlyshaped by hewing
6.STUDS: small pieces of metal
7.DEW: moisturecondensedfromtheatmosphere,especially at night
8.EXUDE: to comeoutgradually in drops, as sweat
9.MIST:watersuspended in theatmosphere
10.RIPPLES:to formsmallwaves or undulations
12.SWATH:thepiece or strip so cut
13.MEANNESS: thestateorqualityofbeingmean.
14.HASTILY: made or donewithhaste or speed
15.WINDOW CASING: border of the window
16.CLOUT:long hit
17.SUPERLUOUS: unnecesary
18.WRETCHEDNESS: misery, misfortune
19.GOUGED: a grooveorholemadebygouging.
20.UNFATHOMED: something you cant reach
21.RUDIMENT: basic
22.PEBBLY: stone-like
23.CLEAVER: a knife
24.DISCERN: recognize
25.RIFT: disagreement
27.BURROW: hole or tunnel

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