Mnemonic for lithosphere,asthenosphere,mesosphere,outer core and inner core

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explicar el modelo geodinámico, hacer un dibujo, explicar cada capa y nombrar las discontinuidades?

geodynamic model: is a subfield of geophysics dealing with dynamics of the Earth.
Layer: (capas)
- the lithosphere: is dragged along by the movement of the mantle underneath.
- Asthenosphere: This layer lies between lithosphere and mesosphere.
- mesosphere: is the lower mantle, it extends from a depth of 670km to the D'layer.
- The D'Layer: is one of the most dynamic layers of the erath.
- The corethe part of something that is central to its existence or character
Hadean: ( 4.500-4000):
- meteorites to the surface
- intense volcanic activity
- water vapour condensation
-moon formation

Archean: (4000- 2500):
-first living things
- solid crust formation
- Beginning of Tectonic activity

Proterozoic: (2.500-541):
-free oxygen in atmosphere
-Eukaryotic cells
-Rodinia was formed
-Ediacaran fauna

Cambrian (541-485):
Ordavician ( 485-443):
-Rodinia's break up
-Alternate climates
-life explsion
-Any big Phyllum appear: animal experiments
-Burgesss shale

Silurian (443-419):
-fish envolved
-plants colonize land

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