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Skin Art

F:"The Romans considered decorative tattoing barbaric, ..., and Used tattoos to mark slaves and criminals

F:’ Cook also introduced to the English language the word tattoo, Taken from the Tahitian

?: The Polynesian people used tattoos as symbols to protect Themselves against enemies ?: Sailors had crosses tattooed on their bodies because they thought No enemies would try to hit the image of Christ and so they would not get hurt That waya)mummies  c) deep b)nearly   d) Fully a)becoming---his c) whose---itb)what—a    d)were—linked---is Worn

Amphibian Decline Serves As Global Warning

T: The discovery, reported in The journal "Science", is seen by researchers as an early warning of Imminent environmental disaster

F: Of these, 1,856 - 32 per cent - were threatened with extinction. In comparison, only 12 per cent of bird Species and 23 per cent of all mammal species are considered to be endangered

?: Climate changes affect Amphibians before any other species because of their skin, which is highly Permeable, and therefore makes them very sensitive to this type of changes.?: Amphibians live in almost All habitat types because they have been able to adapt to different types of Weather and conditions. In this way, amphibians are present in aquatic and Terrestrial habitats in nearly every continent, and live under contrasting Weather conditions a)comprehensive  c) drastic b)since  d) remarkable a)continues—will rise  c) caused---most important b) was created---protecting   d) pulluting--to

Where Does Dracula Come From?

T: Stoker, the author, is Known to have consulted books on legends from Transylvania, Moldavia, and the Carpathians"F: Dracula -the vampire- Jumped to land at Whitby in the shape of a huge dog?: Whitby is an essential Town in the creation of Dracula because it was in this city Where its author was planning the novel while he spent the summer there with His family?: Countess Báthori was a Hungarian lady who belonged to the aristocracy and was arrested in 1610 for Murdering girls. She is mentioned in the text because her habit of washing Herself in the blood of her victims reminds us of Dracula, who also used his Victims´ blood to stay young a)imposing   c) appears b)engaged    d) habit a)although—than   c) Deals—is explained b)had been—what   d)what Else she had seen.

Mobile phones in social life

T: So many happy people Talking away into their mobile phones

T:..If you really have to either make or receive an urgent call During a social occasion, you should explain the situation to the others at the Outset

?: According to the text, There are some social events, such as a funeral, where the use of a mobile phone is inappropriate as it is an imposing and interrupting element for those People which are not part of the conversation

?: The text recommends us not To put up with those people who use their mobile phones inconsiderately and so Ask them to move away when they receive a call or even tell them to switch off Their mobile phones.

a)perhaps  c) apologise 

b)outset   d) come Across

a)using—is applied  c)who--from

b)have been---than  d)if / whether there was a Mobile phone in her bag.

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