moby dick

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This book is called "moby dick" and it was written by Herman Malville.
The story begings with ishmael who was unhappy with his life,so he became a harpooner with his best friend Kwee-kweg . Then they went to find a ship to sail on, and so they found "the Pequod" and ask if they could go with them.
After that time passed so they never got a change to see capitain Ahab at all , when they met him they see that the chapitáin hasn't have a leg. The chapitain Ahab asked to differents chapitains about where is Moby Dick.
Ahab wanted to capture it, so he got off and sailed his ship to the other direction .
And so they finally found a fought with Moby Dick , but it wasn't a success , sincve the whale was quite inteligent . The second battle with Moby Dick was disaster. And as for the final battle the whale decided to attach the ship and the boats aswell . Everybody died except Ishmael whos was on top of his best friend's wooden box and was saved by a ship called "The Rached"

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