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1. This is the house where Jean lived when she was Young

2. She is the journalit whose article was on the front page of the newspaper

3. The polar bear is found all acreoss the Artic which has a population

4. They may ask you some very difficult questions

5. You don't need to attend the game. It's optional

6. You shouls ahut all the Windows when you go out

7. You must wear a helmet

8. The children must been really fightened when the storm began

9. You should have bought the concert's tikets in advance. It would have been a good idea

10. The ecologist arqued that we could sabe a los of tres by recycling paper

11. My father said that the C.H would start on december 23

12. Lucy said that the man had decided to watch a documentary about...

13. She wanted to know where I had been living all these years

14. The inspector told us not to smoke in his office.

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