Modals verbs of deduction

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modals in the past

arrepentirse de algo: should+have+past part
lack of necessity: needn't+have+past part
possibility: may,might,could+have+pastpart
deduction: must+have+pastpart(aff)
lack of necessity in the past: needn't have+paspart:no era nec. Pero lo hice                                              didn't have to+inf: no era nec. I no lo hice

pr.simple: make(s): is/are made
pr.Cont: is/are making: is/are being made
pr.Perf.Simple: has/have made: has/have been made (pas part)
past simple: made: was/were made
past. Cont: was/were making: was/were being made
past perf.Simple: had made: had been made
fut simple: will make: will be made
fut cont: will be making: will be being made
fut. Perf. Simple: will have made: will have been made
modals: can make/can be made
              should have=
              made/been made

statements: s+r.V+(that)+suj+v/ told i said
questions: yes/no: s+r.V+if+suj+v
(what,where,how): s+r.V+wh-word+subj+v
comands(mandato) i requests: s+r.V+obj: (not) to+inf/told ask refuse
suggestion: s+r.V+(not) -ing/apologize

I wish+pastsimpl: present desire (actua otro suj)
I wish+would+inf: present complain
I wish+past perf(had+past part): past regret

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