Modals verbs of deduction

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Reported Speech
Today : That day
Yesterdat : The day before
Tomorrow : Next day.
Tonight : In the evening.
Last year : The year before.
Next Week : The following.
Now :  At the moment.
Here : There
This/These : That/Those
That/Those : The


Ability: Can, Be able to, could.
Possibility/Speculation: Could, may, might.
Positive Deduction: Must.
Negative Deduction: Can’t.
Obligation: Must/Have to.
Necessity: Need to.
Positive Recommendation: Should/Ought to.
Prohibition: Mustn’t, can’t.
No obligation: Don’t have to, Don’t need to, Needn’t.
Negative Recommendation: Shouldn’t, Oughtn’t to.
Permission/Request: Can, Could, May.

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